Studio Guest Suites – What’s Trending In Antiques 2016

Studio Guest Suites knows that forecasting a period of antiques that will outlast seasonal home decorating trends will always be a game of uncertainty. Our trending designers indicate a return to feature period pieces – Neo Classical furnishings with marble and stone both featured together. Ornamental pieces that look like they have been unearthed – rough rather than highly polished, reflecting a sharp turn from the iconic minimalism of retro vintage and art deco pieces that have trended over the last decade. Studio Guest Suites recognises that the décor preferences of early monarchs, as with the neoclassical style known, as “Gustavian” will be given centre stage, along with weathered and rustic pieces from the William and Mary-period, these will again be valued. Silhouette art has charmed us for centuries and this also is making a strong comeback.

Studio Guest Suites are delighted to say that there is a marked steer away from re-painted furniture and a growing understanding and appreciation of original surface, both in English and European works, (particularly Swedish).

In terms of ‘Vintage finds’ the ‘80s’ bold Italian designer pieces, are being widely adopted into the décorating schemes of many self-proclaimed interior stylists.

Mantiques, notably ‘trench art’ – crafted models from the first and second world wars, enameled silver from Europe’s age of opulence, guilloche-enameled silver was the mark of status and wealth and also double-sided cuff links are prized collector items. Studio Guest Suites is frequently asked after: straight razors, shampoo stools and all kinds of barbershop antiques double up as well-groomed decor.

The power of designer brands continues to grow; clients want goods by leading brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, Prada, Rolex, Longines, Tiffany’s, etc.

Vintage linens, with vivid hand sewn motifs, recall childhood memories of traditional heirloom napery & manchester.

It has to be said that despite the strong influence of our fashion vistas the world over, there will always be an equally strong market for the ‘once off ‘, weird and ‘rarely seen’ before. Not to mention that old adage ‘To be faithful to ones own taste because nothing one really likes is ever out of style!

Katie – Studio Guest Suites